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Book Week - Create Your Own Book Week!

There are three basic workshops which Hannah can run for book weeks:

Workshop 1
Creating A Children's Picture Book


Hannah will talk to the children about her work and the stages of development of a book, showing them much of the original artwork, text development and animation, for about an hour. This can be done with two groups before lunch.
Hannah always shows the re-workings and mistakes, so that children get a realistic idea of the work involved and the process of editing and rewriting.
Finally, Hannah will cover the roles of Publishers, Agents, Editors and Art-Directors in the publishing process.

Hannah will work with the children, helping them develope their own ideas for books. The children will work on texts and storyboards, so that words and pictures work together. Hannah will give each child personal feedback and encouragement during the process.

Workshop 2

The Animation Workshop

Hannah will show the children how a T.V animation is made, from the initial 'Bible' of characters and story boards, through to the final animation. She will show working storyboards, black and white animatics and finally the full colour finished animation of 'Pablo, The Little Red Fox'.

Hannah can either:
A. Work with the children on creating their own moving image, using simple forms of animation, like a zoetrope or flick book. The children create their own moving images, from a bouncing ball to a jumping dog.
B. Help the children to create their own animation storyboard. Hannah provides the A3 format storyboards for the children to draw on.

Workshop 3 

Age 11- 18 years.


Hannah uses a power point presentation, showing the students the development and influences of her work from a young child to the present day. She discusses other illustrator's and writer's work and shows how the process of book publishing and printing has changed in the past 30 years.

Hannah shows the students her original rough workings of text and images for a children’s book and discusses the editing process involved in working with a publishing house. Hannah talks about the role of editors and art directors and how they can affect the look and length of a book, from front cover to internal page layout. This enables the students to see all the development processes, from initial idea to the final full colour picture book.

Hannah then describes the process of adaptation of a children’s book into a TV animation and shows real animation storyboards, the original rough black and white animatics, and finally the full colour animation with added sound effects and music of PABLO THE LITTLE RED FOX. Hannah talks about the process of pitching a new project to an animation house or broadcaster and discusses the costs involved in creating an animation series for T.V or film.

Throughout the whole process, Hannah invites many opportunities for questions and answers from the students.



Hannah works with students creating their own story boards or working with different art materials to illustrate one page from a story or poem. The art materials could include collage, pen, ink, paint or even computer graphics.
Hannah talks about the about the necessity of story structure, from children's stories to films and how to create it, giving examples used in many mediums.

Hannah can work in the hall, or in a smaller, more intimate environment. She will need two large tables for the artwork, a television, a DVD player and a computer whiteboard, for larger spaces.

Hannah charges £300 for the all day workshop, with a £50 deposit to secure a place. Also £25 for travel expences (if over 10 miles away.)


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